Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Update 3/16/2010

Samantha had to have oxygen again last night while she was asleep. So the doctors have said that if she needs oxygen again tonight that they will want to do an echo cardiogram on her to check for pulmonary hypertension. Don't ask me what all this means because I have not yet gotten it all figured out other than she may have to come home on PRN (as needed) oxygen... Just another page in this very long story for my little girl. The doctor showed me her x-rays from last month and this month and if there was any change to speak of it was just a tiny bit in the right lung, as the doctors have said this whole visit, definitely nothing to match the numbers that she has been having.
Physical therapy also said that she is still very winded and not bouncing back like she normally does. The PT said that normally by this time (Day 10 inpatient) that Samantha is normally running laps around the PT. With her just sitting in bed playing a calm game she is only staying at 92-94% and she is normally 97% or higher.
I think it is time for many more prayers for my baby girl.
Here is to hoping the doctors can figure out what is going on and get on top of it.

Till next time


Katey said...

Sending prayers for your little girl!