Saturday, March 13, 2010

Update 3/13/2010

Ok, I know I have been running behind on updates but overall no news is good news. She has been doing really good and running me ragged.
Her Vitamin D was low so she is on a Vitamin D supplement in addition to her ADEK. Her sputum culture showed ORSA and Pseudomonias. Her pseudo is resistant to pretty much everything and only half sensitive to Tobramyacin, so they are checking her sensitivity to the inhaled antibiotic on the market, Azteonam (AZLI, Cayston), it was just approved by the FDA earlier this month. So keep your fingers crossed that it will work for her.
Up until last night she had been totally off of her oxygen since Thursday I think is was up until last night. Last night though she had to go on 1.5L oxygen with nasal canula because she was dropping to about 87% when she was sleeping and the dr wants her at 90% or better. This morning she is on 1L with nasal canula and holding 91-93%, so she had a little bump in the road but nothing major.

Thinking about Miss Mel this week, we miss you but know that you are watching us from above.

Take care till next time


Katey said...

I'm glad Samantha is doing better, and mostly off the oxygen! Praying she continues getting better and feeling better!