Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I guess it can get worse

I am sick with a fever and aches (think it's the flu, and Samantha hasn't had her flu shot yet) the doctor doesn't have them in so this should prove interesting.
And my car, yeah when the timing belt broke it screwed up my lucky am I.
Samantha seems to be doing well and is not acting sick so maybe I can keep her far enough from me that she doesn't catch what I have.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Can it get any worse??!!??

Samantha and I have both had the crud over the last week and then a stomach virus. Well, Samantha was feeling a little better this morning so I was on the way to take her to the Shrine Circus (I forgot I even had the tickets until Friday when I was discussing something smart is that free tickets and forget about them), anyway we get 30 miles from the house and 5 miles from where we are going and the car just quits running, no stuttering, no warnings, no nothing...going 65 mph on the interstate and just dies....and now it won't start back.
I guess I get to call the shop Monday and see what is wrong with it and what that will cost figures...only 4 more payments and it would be paid off...
So any way Samantha started feeling bad again so we left the circus early and got in touch with a friend who could bring us home and got the car towed home, so now we just sit and wait out the weekend....Well Samantha is sleeping it out, I had to give her more meds for her nausea....Dog gone stomach bug and she was finally beginning to gain weight, maybe she won't lose too much while she is recovering from it.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fallen Behind

So I have fallen behind, but Samantha is out of the hospital and off of Ivs and doing well.