Monday, January 11, 2010

My Baby Girl is Growing Up!!! Making Mama Proud

So, Samantha is still doing fairly well. Cough is beginning to increase a little, and on occasion she coughs so hard that she has problems catching her breath, but nothing horrible and her nurses say she is still sounding pretty good, with some wheezing and a few more coughing spells at night than normal. Right now it looks like she will not need to visit CF clinic before her scheduled appointment later this month.

On to her growing up on me....She knows the order of her nebulized meds and goes to get the right cup for each one (I have them numbered and labeled so I can make sure nothing gets forgotten), she will then go get the respective med, bring it to me for me to check and make sure it is right and then she puts it in the neb cup and hooks it up to the nebulizer and away she goes with her meds. She won't hook up her vest on her own because she doesn't particularly like it, but she will do her other forms of CPT or come ask me to beat on her if she is really having issues getting her lungs cleared.
I never expected her to take this much control over her care at 6, but I have brought her up knowing what needs to be done when, so if I am not in her room at the hospital when she does treatments she knows to ask questions (and boy does she ask) so that she knows what is going on.

Samantha Mommy loves you and is so proud of you. Hope you continue to stay so proactive with you care for the rest of your life! :)