Sunday, January 24, 2010

Back in the Hospital

Soooo....Samantha was admitted to the hospital last night, or I guess I should say early this morning. We were in the ER by midnight, with Oxygen levels of 87-89% and when we got to the ER she was 89%, so she was put on some oxygen to help her out and a nice collection of meds. She was given a double neb., to help open her up, some steroids thru her port and an IV antibiotic to get her started.
Based on her last two cultures she will be taking 3 IV antibiotics and 1 oral antibiotic, plus the steroid until her goopies from last night come back with cultures.
Her chest xray actually looked the same if not a little better than the one in September so the Dr. is shocked that her numbers look the way they do, but she is working some to breathe.
She started out on 2L oxygen, and was able to reduce to 1L for a little while, but is back up to 2L and is satting 93% right.

Please pray for the girl to get better. She is missing her Barnham and Bailey Circus trip today, that she had given to her by Community Peds Care, so let's hope she can get well soon enough to be able to go bowling next Sunday with Starlight.

Kathie and Samantha