Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day at the Doctors

I am very proud to say that weight wise Samantha is doing absolutely wonderful. Her day time bolus feed has been discontinued so she only gets her night feed now.
Her BMI is a whopping 96.3% and the nutritionist likes it to be 75-85%, so for the first time in her life her BMI is more than excellent. Her weight is 45 lb 6.4 oz which puts her at 70% for her weight. Once again, outstanding, and her height is 3' 5.06" which is 8% so she is still a little short for her age.

Lung wise she is so-so, the doctor heard some noises that he didn't really like and she has been coughing up some nasty looking yuckies so we started a 14 day course of Cippro and if she isn't improving in 10-12 days he wants to see her back, otherwise, depending on her health she won't go back for 2 months.

I am not trying to jinx her good luck but I am also happy to say that we have broken the every 6 week thing in the hospital again, I think it is 8 weeks now since she has been discharged.

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Kathie Land


Alicia said...

Love those percentages!!! That's fantastic! I know it makes you so happy. We have our quarterly tomorrow. I would give anything to have numbers like that!

Zoe Isabella said...

Awesome appt.!!! Yeah!!!! :) I know you are extremely happy!
Great job Kathie!
Will we see you Saturday?? Hope so!
Take care,