Thursday, February 19, 2009

2/19/09 Update

As I sit here typing Samantha is doing an Oral Glucose Tolerance Test. Her 2 hour post feed blood sugars have come down as she is getting better. Her A1C has not been drawn again, but they did draw some other labs to check to see if she has markers for Type 1 diabetes. The doctors really do not believe that it is CF related diabetes at this point because she is so young. Another option is all of the calories that are required to get and keep her at a healthy weight may be taxing the system a little bit. The last consensus when the doctors left this morning was to do nothing at this time and monitor her blood sugars when her CF is acting up and she is sick. At first they were talking about giving maybe 1 or 2 units of insulin just once a day when she hooks up for her night feeds, but I think that they have steered away from that idea for now pending the results of the OGTT.

Other than that news is good. Barring no huge set backs she will be discharged Monday with NO IVs, which means she will be able to enjoy herself at Universal next Saturday.

ENT said her nose and boogies look good so they will see her again in about a month, they just added saline drops in her nose to their routine. I will know more about what endocrinology wants to do and when they want to follow up tomorrow.

Till next time....